Residents of Altrincham, Bowdon, Hale, Hale Barns, Sale and Timperley

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Be Safe Feel Safe Community Meeting on Saturday 19th January, 2019 @ 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Our resident-led, voluntary organisation, Be Safe Feel Safe, invites all residents to attend and participate in being informed about the current situation of burglary and crime in our areas, safety equipment, police actions, council efforts, and setting up Neighbourhood Watch Schemes. A major factor in reducing burglaries is to ‘know your neighbour’. Be Safe Feel…
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Police Constables and Police Community Support Officers in South Trafford

West Timperley, Broadheath, Broadheath Retail Park – PC 19243 Steve Wilson, PCSO 15510 Dan Eckersley Timperley Central – ‘Temporarily PC Steve Wilson, PCSO Barbara Smith Timperley East, Timperley South – Temporarily PC 19243 Steve Wilson, PCSO 20059 Barbara Smith, PCSO 65231Carol Willis (part time) Altrincham West, Altrincham Town Centre, Altrincham East – PC 15447 Simon…
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How to join Be Safe Feel Safe and volunteer help

WhatsApp – Indicate in the Membership form and we’ll add you! Facebook (closed group) – Twitter – @safeMcr (#BeSafeFeelSafe) Email – Indicate in the Membership Form and we’ll add you Website – To become a member or volunteer to help:Ø Click here to fill the membership form Ø Email