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Real-life example of a recent burglary (Sunday 18th February 2018) – Timperly

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Real-life example of a recent burglary (Sunday 18th February 2018) – Timperly

It was Sunday afternoon and me and the kids just went to Asda which is about 5 minutes drive from our house on park road Timperley. It was 3pm and I was hurrying the kids up as Asda closes at 4pm on Sunday.

We were back by 3:25-3:30. The main door opened and the second door yale lock was jammed as I was trying to turn the key. My 9 year old daughter looked through the glass panel and said ‘ mama all our things are on the floor.’

I looked through and just got the kids out and into the car and drove down a side road and called the police and my husband at work.

The police arrived very quickly within 5-7 minutes and called me and I drove the kids back. They went down the side and saw the side door had been kicked in. They went inside and let me in. It seemed like every belonging we had was on the floor. Personal items, books, my child’s bag from mosque, clothes. The police asked me to take a quick look to see what was missing.

The two obvious things jewellery and cash were missing. Later we found they also took all my artificial jewellery, a couple of expensive handbags, a safe we had which thankfully was empty and a couple of expensive watches.

They had checked everywhere. Under beds, back of cupboard, under bathtub, guest room cupboards, documents , files.  
They forgot some things that they had planned to take…maybe I came back too quickly. They had packed a pillow case with passports and a backpack with laptop. Or maybe they got happy when they found a safe!

In the aftermath we got cameras around our property, an alarm from versure with guard response and are currently in the process of getting bars fitted on downstairs windows. Might seem excessive but that is what we need to feel safe in our own home now.

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